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International Rural Women’s Day 15 October 2017

Time to be like Cyndi and show your (true) colours.

There is a lot to celebrate on 15 October 2017, International Rural Women’s Day!

The women of rural and regional Victoria make a huge impact on our families, our communities, the economy and society in general.

They are innovative, resilient, can turn their hand to business or social challenges and opportunities and focus on solutions rather than just problems.

So what better plan than to take time to enjoy International Rural Women’s Day and celebrate who you are, what you do and the amazing impact you have on this planet.

This year several Victorian and National Rural Women’s Networks have combined to celebrate this day through a Show us your colours campaign.

Participating networks include: Rural Women’s Network, Central Victorian Rural Women’s Network, Victorian Farmers Federation, Australian Women in Agriculture, Invisible Farmer Project and the National Coalition of Rural Women.

Please join in to make International Rural Women’s Day a special day on the annual calendar for rural and regional women and show us your colours on 15 October.

You don’t necessarily have to throw a party, frock up, or even leave your house or farm. Just share the day with other women and capture it in a photo with something colourful.

You can choose the purple and green of the suffragettes or something else entirely.

It might be you in your garden, with some colourful food, with your family and friends or out in the paddock. We really don’t care we just want to see your smiling faces and a bit of colour.

As Cyndi Lauper said:

“So don’t be afraid to let them show. Your true colours. True colours are beautiful. Like a rainbow”

Email your photos to or share your photos and activities on social media tagging in your friends and our campaign partners @VRWNetwork

@agriculturevictoria @NRWCandNetwork @victorianfarmersfederation @invisfarmer @museumvictoria @AustWomenInAg


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