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Crop nutrition talk

Crop nutrition talk is a summary of online ‘chatter’ from the week in twitter – that is at least partly on topic for crop nutrition. It’s perfect for people who don’t use twitter but would like to know what’s going on, or for those who use twitter but like it filtered […]

Data gold from your test strip at harvest

Many growers put in paddock test strips to investigate yield response to fertiliser or other crop amendments. The value of test strips can be lost if harvest is not planned to capture yield information. Growers and advisors with test strips in place should be talking with each other about how […]

What nutrients are lost when making hay from failed crops?

Cutting for hay is an option to get some economic value from a failed crop. Growers with an eye to the long term productivity of their paddocks weigh the value of the hay against the value of leaving the crop material in the paddock. Nutrients that would otherwise be recycled […]

Better Fertiliser Decisions for Cropping (BFDC) workshop

BFDC Interrogator workshop
Thursday 17 September 2015, Horsham.
BCG with the GRDC More Profit from Crop Nutrition II program is running  a FREE Better Fertiliser Decisions for Cropping (BFDC) interrogator workshop on . The workshop is for advisors and consultants.
By the end of the workshop, participants will have authorisation to use the database tool.
The BFDC Interrogator […]

What happens to P from crop residues?

Annie McNeill from the University of Adelaide talks about the challenges in understanding what happens to the phosphorous returned to the soil in crop and break crop residues. Recorded at the National Soil Science Conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, November 2014.
Further information
National Soils Conference proceedings: Available P in topsoil at break […]

To cut for hay or not?

Highly variable rainfall across the Wimmera and Mallee, followed by some hot windy conditions has left growers in the thick of decision making. As harvest edges closer, many are considering the merits of following cereals through to harvest or cutting for hay.
Read the full story on BCG’s website.
Photos courtesy of the […]