Crop Nutrition

Crop nutrition in soils with added clay

David Hall from DAFWA says adding clays to sandy soils can add significant Potassium and Phosphorous, as well as improve the nutrient holding capacity of the soil.  Recorded at the National Soil Science conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, November 2014.
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Proceedings of the Soil Science Australia National Soil Science Conference:
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Grain analysis for nutrient strategy

Analysis of freshly harvested grain can:

– show if that crop had a hidden hunger that may have limited yield
– document the degree of a known deficiency
– confirm its suitability to use as seed
– inform future crop nutrition strategy for the paddock.

Tissue testing of grain is valuable for assessing trace element […]

Chemically treated fertilizers can contaminate grain

Fertilizers treated with other chemicals such as fungicides are a potential source of unacceptable pesticide residue in farm produce. The residues arise from cross contamination of harvested grain, not from use of the fertilizer in the paddock.
Around 15% of the Australian cereal crop is currently sown with fungicide treated fertilizer, […]

Nitrogen volatilised – factors affecting how much is lost

Fertiliser nitrogen may be lost from the
soil in several different ways, including:
● ammonia volatilisation,
● nitrate leaching and
● nitrate denitrification.
Factors affecting these losses include the fertiliser compound, fertiliser form, type of application, timing of application, soil properties, rainfall amount and intensity, and temperature and wind after application.
Field trials on northwest NSW […]

The cost of a poor spread pattern

In a follow-up to our article How even is your spread?  Chris Lightfoot, Consultant Economist from Melbourne, talks about the Accu-Spread program and recent work to estimate the cost of bout width variation delivered by most fertilizer spreaders. What is the reduction in variation worth the farmers in terms of gross margin?
Chris […]

To cut for hay or not?

Highly variable rainfall across the Wimmera and Mallee, followed by some hot windy conditions has left growers in the thick of decision making. As harvest edges closer, many are considering the merits of following cereals through to harvest or cutting for hay.
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