Crop Nutrition

Three reasons why topdressing Nitrogen can fail

A crop’s nitrogen (N) requirement rises when rainfall increases the yield potential. Applying more N fertiliser to meet greater plant N demand is often appropriate, but crop uptake is not guaranteed. Understanding why can help tailor topdressing practices to increase the chances of the applied N boosting crop yield and […]

How to protect livestock from nitrogen toxicities

Stock grazing crops high in nitrate can develop toxicity disorders. Plant nitrate levels are directly affected by nitrogen (N) fertiliser rates. Targeting high grain yields with additions of nitrogen fertiliser can elevate nitrate levels in plants to dangerous levels for livestock.
What can be done to reduce risk to stock

Avoid grazing […]

How to confidently diagnose a crop nutrient disorder

Unusual symptoms in crops can indicate nutrient disorders. Visible symptoms tell you there is some kind of problem but are not enough to base a reliable diagnosis on.
Crop symptoms can be triggered by too little or too much of a nutrient, as well as a range of other constraints to […]

Crop nutrition research put in the spotlight

The More Profit From Crop Nutrition II (MPCN II) initiative features in the July/August 2016 Ground Cover Supplement. MPCN II brings together more than 20 Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded crop nutrition projects from across Australia with the aim of improving fertiliser input returns and nutrient use efficiency […]

The best frost tactics for 3 key nutrients

Crop nutrition can affect crop responses to frost, so crop nutrition strategies need to be different for frost prone paddocks.
Identify frost prone areas on farms, and aim to maximise profit rather than yield in those areas.
Tissue test to understand copper levels across the farm and don’t run with deficient levels […]

Eye in the sky – Would you use a drone?

Interested in drones?
Find out how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are being used in agriculture in the US, what’s on the horizon, what type are most popular and why, and the basics of getting off the ground from none other than the drone singer himself, Victor Villegas from Oregon State University.
A […]

Think twice before sowing chickpeas into high Nitrogen soils

The current temptingly high chickpea prices make them an attractive option. In paddocks with high soil nitrate (>100kg N/ha) chickpeas may not yield as well as expected, or deliver the usual legume break crop advantage of a net benefit to the paddock’s nitrogen (N) balance.
Paddocks can have high starting soil […]