Crop Nutrition

Reducing Nitrogen losses in the High Rainfall Zone of Victoria

Strategies to reduce Nitrogen (N) losses in Victorian High Rainfall Zone (HRZ) cropping systems are getting clearer.
Recent research in south western Victoria examined rates of N applied, placement of fertilisers and nitrification inhibitors. This work is part of the national agricultural nitrous oxide research program, supported by the GRDC.
Key […]

Soil test deeper to predict response to Potassium fertiliser

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Soil testing only the top 0 – 10cm of soil is not sufficient to predict if applying Potassium fertiliser will produce a yield response in a crop. The 0-10cm […]

Research Updates 2016

The GRDC Research Updates for 2016 commenced last week, continuing around the country until mid March.
eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition Community of Practice members James Easton, Liam Ryan, Craig Scanlon, Graeme Schwenke, Nigel Wilhelm and Tony Cox (manager of More Profit from Crop Nutrition) are among those presenting at these GRDC research […]

Potassium and crop stress

Crops may need extra Potassium when they under stress from drought or frost. There is a theoretical basis, and now GRDC funded research is looking into whether applying additional potassium is worthwhile when plants are under stress.
Getting the right combination of drought and frost conditions to get meaningful results from […]

Using deep soil cores for Nitrogen, Potassium & Sulfur

Soil testing is a valuable tool for crop nutrition decision making. The standard 0 – 10cm soil test doesn’t always tell us enough about the crop availability of more mobile nutrients. Nitrogen and Sulphur, as anions (negatively charged), tend to move deeper into the profile with rainfall. On sandy acid […]

Subsoil manuring provides long term N supply

Some growers have been able to reduce N inputs for at least three years following the placement of manure into the subsoil. Trials in Victoria’s High Rainfall Zone by Southern Farming Systems are showing promising signs of multiple benefits from subsoil manuring.
Originally, subsoil manuring was primarily for improving the […]

Top 10 crop nutrition articles 2015

During 2015 eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition published 43 articles on many different aspects of crop nutrition in the Australian grains industry.
All of these articles were prepared with, and reviewed by, members of our Community of Practice, Australia’s leading experts in crop nutrition.
These are our top ten – the most popular articles based […]

Webinar: Review crop nutrition in your paddocks

Webinar recording coming soon
As part of the More Profit from Crop Nutrition national extension program,Chris Dowling presented a webinar for advisors and growers from all Australian grains regions covering the techniques for evaluating how the previous season’s crop nutrition delivered in terms of yield.
The webinar covered what information you need, different measures of efficiency, what […]