Topic: yield potential

Three reasons why topdressing Nitrogen can fail

A crop’s nitrogen (N) requirement rises when rainfall increases the yield potential. Applying more N fertiliser to meet greater plant N demand is often appropriate, but crop uptake is not guaranteed. Understanding why can help tailor topdressing practices to increase the chances of the applied N boosting crop yield and […]

Subsoil manuring provides long term N supply

Some growers have been able to reduce N inputs for at least three years following the placement of manure into the subsoil. Trials in Victoria’s High Rainfall Zone by Southern Farming Systems are showing promising signs of multiple benefits from subsoil manuring.
Originally, subsoil manuring was primarily for improving the […]

2015 crop prospects & Nitrogen

Some fertilizer goes on at or just before sowing. As the season progresses we need to:

revisit paddock yield potential
decide if, when and how much to top up Nitrogen (N).

Splitting applications of N fertilizer through the season is a way of increasing nitrogen use efficiency, and better matching total N applied […]