The Extension Practice web pages have been developed to meet the needs of rural and regional Australia for the extension of knowledge and to enable collaboration on important issues in relation to the practice of Extension.

It has been developed as part of a RIRDC project called Extension and Adoption for Australian Farmers and Fishers. RIRDC with funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its Rural R&D for Profit Programme has developed the site with the support of a working group made up of extension experts from around Australia.

The resources on the site have been curated by the University of Melbourne and Cumbre Consultants.

RIRDC has a long tradition of investing in people in rural Australia. RIRDC has funded projects related to extension, rural leadership, women, education and training, safety and capacity building to achieve innovation.

The Extension and Adoption for Australian Farmers and Fishers projects builds on much of the work previously completed by RIRDC related to extension and capacity building.