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Wet conditions favour development of Sclerotinia stem rot in canola

Recent wet conditions have favoured the development of sclerotinia stem rot in canola crops across south-eastern Australia. Growers need to consider their risk and enact a management strategy now to avoid yield loss later in the season.
Key considerations for management
High risk indicators for sclerotinia
A combination of the following risk factors […]

Latest on crop disease: 2016 Mid-year GRDC Update Papers

Northern Region
Management of the major mungbean diseases in Australia
Presented at Towoomba, Chinchilla and Mullaley by Lisa Kelly DAF QLD

For management of halo blight and tan spot: Plant seed with the lowest possible levels of infection, use varieties with higher levels of resistance, clean harvesting equipment, control weeds and volunteers, and […]

Webinar: Powdery mildew in wheat and the implications for this season in WA

Powdery mildew wheat Ciara Beard DAFWA

Early detection of powdery mildew in wheat in the Bindi Bindi region and south of Kadoux prompted the DAFWA team to present a webinar on powdery mildew in wheat and the implications for the 2016 season.  This webinar was presented on July 6, 2016.

The key messages from the webinar were:

Powdery […]

Webinar: Sclerotinia in canola – what do we need to do?

This webinar was presented by Ravjit Khangura from DAFWA on July 11, 2016. The webinar covers early infection of canola crops with Sclerotinia and when to apply fungicides.
Key messages

Apothecia emergence is now widespread in Western Australia
Some crops have been infected pre-flowering
Disease epidemics are favoured by continuous wet and […]

Early severe blackleg infection requires fungicide application

Monitor crops for blackleg
Growers are usually encouraged to monitor for blackleg in the spring. However, in 2016 widespread, severe early blackleg leaf lesions have occurred across Australia’s canola growing regions.
The increased incidence of early disease is due to the following key factors:

continued leaf wetness driving the disease cycle;
the blackleg […]