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New wheat leaf rust outbreak 2014

In August 2014 leaf rust was identified in Revenue wheat, previously rated resistant (R), in south east South Australia. The September issue of Crop Watch (465kb PDF) reported several crops in South East SA and one crop near Gawler appeared to be infected with the new strain of wheat leaf […]

Management of stripe rust with resistant varieties and fungicides

There were several reports of stripe rust in Victorian wheat crops this season, despite the limited green bridge over the previous summer and a dry spring. Stripe rust reports were closely followed by questions about the economic benefits of using a fungicide for control. This article aims to look at […]

Root-lesion nematode survey of Central Queensland

Key Messages
What is the problem?
What did we find?
How does Central Queensland compare to other regions?
What does it mean for me?
Further information

Key Messages

Root-lesion nematodes were found in 28% of the Central Queensland paddocks sampled.
Sowing resistant and tolerant crops like sorghum, maize and cotton or wheat varieties like Suntop or Gauntlet will […]

Loose smut in Hindmarsh barley

Increasing incidences of loose smut infections in Hindmarsh barley crops in South Australia and Western Australia has prompted investigation into the effectiveness of seed treatments in controlling the disease, particularly in susceptible varieties.
Observations made by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) pathology team over the past three years […]

Yellow leaf spot of wheat

Figure 1. Black fruiting bodies on stubble
In Victoria yellow leaf spot was common in many Wimmera, Mallee and Northern region wheat crops during 2013. The disease was most severe when susceptible varieties were sown into infected stubble (Figure 1).
Field trials
In years with a wet spring, heavy infestations of yellow leaf […]