Getting the timing right to manage Yellow Leaf Spot in wheat

Variable responses to fungicide timing to manage Yellow Leaf Spot in wheat led researchers to look more closely at how the fungus matures on stubble. Researchers are looking into how the fungus which causes Yellow Leaf Spot on wheat survives and matures on stubble, which in turn affects the onset of the disease in crops. Research is being conducted in WA, SA and VIC to understand the ascospore release window and assist growers and advisors in getting the timing right for effective fungicide application, via the development of a decision support tool. We caught up with Jean Galloway at the Goondiwindi GRDC Updates in March 2017 to find out what they had learnt so far. For more detail you can read the full GRDC Updates paper here

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Ciara Beard, DAFWA

This research is funded by DAFWA and GRDC (GRDC Project DAW00228).

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