Adam Sparks

Associate Professor Field Crops Pathology University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.
Adam is originally from the US and has over 20 years of agronomy and pathology experience. In the US he worked with several crops in Indiana, Nebraska and Kansas including sorghum, maize, potato, soybean, wheat and canola. Immediately prior to joining […]

Daniel Huberli

Plant Pathologist, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), South Perth, Western Australia (WA)
Daniel graduated with a PhD in Plant Pathology from Murdoch University in 2002. He has over 15 years experience in research on soil borne and aerial diseases in Australia at DPIRD and Murdoch University, plus 4 […]

Dr. Dante L. Adorada

Research Fellow/Diagnostics Coordinator, Centre for Crop Health, University of Southern Queensland.
Dante has over twenty years experience working on various aspects of plant pathology including diagnostics, resistance and management of plant diseases. Dante is currently working on GRDC projects to develop rapid diagnostic tools for fungi and bacteria affecting summer and […]

Frank Henry

Regional Research Agronomist, Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton, Victoria.
Frank is a plant pathologist with over 25 years research and extension experience. Frank was previously the diagnostician for Agriculture Victoria’s CropSafe (no exotics for Victoria) Program. Working closely with researchers, Frank was also responsible for  extension of the latest research information on crop diseases […]

Jenny Davidson

Plant Pathologist, South Australian Research and Development Institute
Jenny has over twenty years experience working in pulse pathology. She conducts epidemiological research of pathogens that infect pulse and oilseed crops, including ascochyta blight, botrytis and mildew diseases, and blackleg of canola; and also conducts disease resistance screening in national pulse breeding […]

Johanna Couchman

Knowledge Broker – Online Services, Agriculture Victoria, Ballarat, Victoria
Johanna completed a B Science in Agriculture with Honours in Agronomy prior to joining Agriculture Victoria in February 2014 as as a graduate. Johanna has worked on a number of projects which utilise digital and online tools to enhance communication within the […]

Lisa Kelly

Plant Pathologist, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Toowoomba.
Lisa has been working in the summer field crops pathology team in Toowoomba for  over  eleven years, working largely on diseases of sorghum and pulse crops.   Lisa is currently working on GRDC projects which focus on diseases of mungbean in the northern […]

Luise Sigel

Project Officer Grains Pathology Services, Agriculture Victoria, Horsham, Victoria
Luise completed a B. Sc. (Ag. Sc.) (Hons) in 2012 at the Adelaide university before starting work with the Horsham cereal pathology group in 2013 as a Technical Officer, running glasshouse and lab experiments. Luise began as a diagnostician with the Victorian […]

Megan Jones

Extension Coordinator, Centre for Crop Disease Management, WA
Megan has worked in  journalism, public relations and extension roles for the past ten years and has a passion for agricultural communications.
Megan currently coordinates the communication and extension activities for the Centre for Crop Disease Management (CCDM), a national research centre co-supported by […]