Field Crop Diseases

Spot the difference – identifying fungal diseases on canola

This article describes the different symptoms of blackleg, white leaf spot, downy mildew and alternaria leaf spot on canola.
Blackleg, caused by the fungus Leptosphaeria maculans, is the most serious disease of canola in Australia. Blackleg lesions are grey, circular spots with black fruiting bodies (pycnidia) forming in the centre (Figures […]

Yellow leaf spot of wheat

In Victoria yellow leaf spot was common in many Wimmera, Mallee and Northern region wheat crops during 2013. The disease was most severe when susceptible varieties were sown into infected stubble (Figure 1).
Figure 1. Black fruiting bodies on stubble
Field trials
In years with a wet spring, heavy infestations of yellow leaf […]

Sclerotinia stem rot in canola

In 2013 sclerotinia was observed in all canola producing states, however, it was more severe in North Eastern Victoria, southern New South Wales and some parts of Western Australia. Epidemics of sclerotinia in southern New South Wales and north-eastern Victoria were observed in traditionally high rainfall districts and infection levels […]