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Is keeping up to date with the latest field crop disease risk and information is important to you?  If so, take a look at the information services below.

ExtensionAUS Field Crop Diseases

Field Crop Diseases curate a newsletter delivered to your inbox each week which provides a feed of the latest information on crop diseases and their management. Subscribe to The week in Field Crop Diseases here. You can also follow us on Twitter @AusCropDiseases and Facebook where we provide updates about broadacre field crop disease issues across Australia.

GRDC GrowNotes Alert

Subscribe to GrowNotes Alert to receive high-priority alerts for weed, pest and disease threats – straight to your phone or email.  Developed by Agriculture Victoria, in collaboration with the GRDC, GrowNotes Alert is a free subscriber-based system which allows you to personalise the alerts you receive by crop type and location.

With three zoned twitter channels for each GRDC region (@GNAlertSouth, @GNAlertNorth, @GNAlertWest), you can easily stay up-to-date on urgent, actionable and economically important alerts across your area. You can also download the iOS app to submit surveillance.

Crop Alert – Victoria

The Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) provides a Crop Alert subscription service. Alerts provide timely information on seasonal disease issues and management options. To subscribe contact the CropSafe team.

Crop Watch – South Australia

Crop Watch is an email newsletter written by SARDI grains pathologists on an as-needs basis through the growing season. To subscribe contact DK Communications.

Social media users will also find timely posts of disease issues on the Crop Watch Facebook page and the twitter account @CropWatchSA

Canola – national

Marcroft Grains Pathology provides two options for updates on managing canola pests and diseases. They are the Marcroft Grains Pathology Facebook page and via Twitter @Steve_Marcroft. Marcroft Grains Pathology also provide updates via the eXtensionAUS website.

Crop Disease Bulletin – southern New South Wales and northern Victoria

NSW DPI and GRDC provide the Crop Disease Bulletin for advisors in southern NSW and northern Victoria. To subscribe contact Kurt Lindbeck or Andrew Milgate

PestFax and PestFacts – southern Australia

These newsletters focus on invertebrate pests (although PestFax WA includes diseases) and combine information from local experts with user-submitted reports. You can subscribe to regular emails or download these newsletters from the relevant website.

PestFax Western Australia provides weekly updates on pests and diseases affecting crops and pastures in WA. The site offers an interactive map showing reported occurrences of pests and diseases that allows users to create specific maps based on their choice of host and pest. PestFax Reporter App also allows you to easily submit surveillance reports from a smartphone.

Pestfacts South Australia and Western Victoria provides regular updates on invertebrate pests of broadacre crops including pulses, oilseeds, cereals and fodder crops.

PestFacts south-eastern provides Victoria and southern NSW with regular pest reports and subscribers also get access to cesar’s insect photo gallery.

Beatsheet blog

The Beatsheet blog for northern NSW and southern QLD provides technical information, pest risk alerts, and practical management information about a range of insect pests. Subscribe at or follow on Twitter @beatsheetblog.

Blackspot Manager

Blackspot Manager is a forecasting model for ascochyta blight (synonym: blackspot) of field peas. It can be used by agronomists and growers to help identify the best balance between early sowing and potential yield loss from ascochyta blight. To subscribe to the free SMS blackspot alert service text ‘Blackspot’ with you name and nearest weather station or location to 0475 959 932. More info on Blackspot Manager can be found here.

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