Topic: evapotranspiration

Weekly Irrigation Requirements – Macalister Irrigation District

Macalister ETo Update
13th April to 19th April 2018
Cowwarr’s weather data is missing for this week so we have used our 2 local weather stations to calculate the ETo.

Flood irrigation interval for the last week was 14 days
Spray irrigators needed to have applied on average 18.2 mm of irrigation water for the week
The predicted weekly […]

Weekly Irrigation Requirements – Northern Victoria

Friday 20 April 2018
Weekly Irrigation Requirement$ Summary – Driving Water Productivity
This update provides ‘reference evapotranspiration’ (ETo) data to assist with improved irrigation scheduling for top growth rates and yields.
This interactive Irrigation Scheduling Tool helps you determine the most productive timing for the next irrigation for your unique circumstances.
Irrigation commentary
Recent water […]