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Pressure testing sealable silos


Nitrogen – notes for use in stored grain

Equipment requirements:

Requires a gas-tight sealed silo – meeting Australian standard AS2628 being a five minute half-life pressure-test.
Nitrogen generators are required to produce 99% concentration N gas from the ambient air which is: 78% N, 21% O₂, 0.9% Ar, 0.04% C0₂ and water vapour.
Nitrogen generation units, two designs:

“Pressure swing adsorption” (PSA) […]

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Silo Buyer’s Guide


Good advice to growers: don’t accept bad advice on stored grain

Australia’s grain growers are playing a vital role in safeguarding the nation’s access to global grain markets worth more than $12 billion.
By using only registered treatments for grain and on-farm storages and adhering to label directions and rates, growers are protecting Australia’s reputation as a supplier of high quality, clean […]

Meet your experts

Philip Burrill
Development Agronomist Philip Burrill continues as the key contact for the northern region. Philip conducts workshops and acts as a conduit to ensure research outcomes are passed from the testing laboratories to the growers in the field.

Peter Botta
Based in the south, private consultant Peter Botta travels the region conducting […]

Guide to buying silos

The decision of which silo to buy can be daunting, mainly because it’s a 20+ year investment and not a purchase that is easily returned or traded-in if it proves unsuitable.

Consider the storage requirements for the next 20 years — not just the next season.
For reliable insect control and […]

GRDC Storedgrain App

The GRDC Storedgrain app is now available on apple and Android mobile devices
Download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play or access your grain storage records on the web portal synchronized to your app
A key feature is the ability to record grain Storage Details and Monitoring Records at the storage site regardless of […]