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GRDC Storedgrain App

The GRDC Storedgrain app is now available on apple and Android mobile devices
Download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play
or access your grain storage records on the web portal synchronized to your app
A key feature is the ability to record grain Storage Details and Monitoring Records at the storage site regardless of mobile […]

Managing moisture in stored grain

Grain growers are using aeration fans on their silos to push air through stored grain to improve harvest flexibility and increase marketing options.
Grain at typical harvest temperatures of 25–30°C and moisture content greater than 13–14 per cent provides ideal conditions for mould and insect growth.
Aeration cooling (2-4 litres of air […]

GRDC GrowNotes Grain Storage

Download the GRDC GrowNote Grain Storage here
A key component to storing grain on farm successfully is having the knowledge of best-practice management to avoid costly quality issues and disasters. This manual aims to provide relevant information, links to other resources and contacts to enable a base understanding of how to […]

Aeration cooling reduces pest problems

When it comes to stored grain pest management, prevention is always better than cure — aeration cooling helps by inhibiting insect development.
Aerating stored grain has four main purposes — preventing mould, inhibiting insect development, maintaining seed viability and evening out grain moisture.
Grain aeration maintains grain quality during storage and while […]