Category: Case Studies

Altering ingredients to increase nutrition

Case study
The applicant is a producer and manufacturer of cereals in Victoria. The company’s business plan is to increase its brand position as a health food company, and wants to increase the nutrition density in its cereals.
The company is aware that some Australians are lacking in Vitamin B12 and magnesium. […]

Fresh vending innovation

Case study
The applicant makes and distributes fresh nori rolls (sushi) to retail outlets, including cafes, school canteens, train station kiosks, hospitals, recreation facilities and universities.
After a trip to Japan, the applicant has an idea to develop and pilot a vending machine to supply fresh nori rolls, most of which meet […]

Product innovation meet healthy eating guidelines

Case study
The applicant is a vending company/food manufacturer for large organisations such as hospitals, universities, sport and recreation centres and large workplaces. Most customers want to provide healthy options to align with government nutrition guidelines – or to meet contractual agreements that specify healthier food/drinks must be supplied.
The applicant is […]

Altering production process to increase revenue

Case study
The applicant investigates new opportunities to spread revenue streams across the year to overcome seasonal cycles in milk production.
Partnering with an innovation service provider, the company identifies a new technology which may enable highly viscous fluids to be efficiently mixed – helping to spread revenue streams across the year.

Packaging innovation to improve waste outcomes

Case study
The applicant produces safe food packaging for the catering sector. Wastage, spoilage and micro-organism growth continue to be problems.
To decrease supply chain costs, and reduce the use of plastics and food wastage, the business collaborates with an R&D facility to research and develop packaging – using paper-based degradable materials […]