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Badalya Pty Ltd

Bayly Group Pty Ltd

Beanstalk Agriculture

CSIRO – SME Connect

Deloitte Australia

Derio Comar Consulting


Geoffrey W. Smithers


Memko Pty Ltd

RM Consulting Group

ShopAbility Pty Ltd

SnapTrap Pty Ltd

Solutions in Food

Tarn Food Consulting



Contact:  George Gekas, CEO


Phone:+61 424 034 747

Mobile:+61 424 034 747

Websites: and

George Gekas is the founder of GKS Product Development Solutions and Co-founder of Badalya. Both companies provide services and assistance to the Food and Beverage industry including New Product Development, Product Sourcing and support in upscaling.

George’s innovation experience spans over 30 years in Australia and internationally with the size of clients ranging from start-ups to some of the most iconic well-known food and beverage brands in the world. His experience also includes retail private label development and international franchise expansion. This vast experience provides him with the knowledge clients require for projects ranging from accurately preparing early stage feasibility and testing of concepts to commercialising and launching new products into the market.

The current client base includes universities, retailers, manufacturers, brand owners, and suppliers of ingredients and packaging from the Food and Beverage industry. This extensive network ensures all clients receive the most valuable and innovative advice and support available.

Contact: Mark Bayly, Director


Phone: +61 3 9413 9000

Mobile: +61 419 597 414


The Bayly Group can help clients solve problems, including:

  • Design Strategy for their business
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation in food and enhanced packaging
  • Growing the client’s business organically

The Bayly Group understands what family business is all about. Bayly is and has been a family business since 1971.

The group works to ensure that a client’s family business creates a legacy that the client and their family can be proud of for generations to come.

The Bayly Group has a knack for creating great industrial B2B products for its customers and typically servicing them for many years.

By helping their clients discover the most valuable, important and unfulfilled needs of their customers, the group designs products that provide organic growth. This approach is cost effective and guarantees maximum product success in the shortest possible time.

The Bayly Group uses its unique design process, proper planning and structure to ensure a delightful experience and reduced risk of product failure.

If a client is looking for family values in its business relationships, Bayly is the place to find them.

Contact: Calum Foulner, Director


Mobile: +61 439 847 390

Beanstalk is a boutique agricultural innovation consulting business offering a suite of services to help forward thinking agribusinesses plug into the innovative startup ecosystem to solve their priority challenges, create a point of difference, and be a market leader. The company’s processes allow agribusinesses to leverage the cutting-edge technologies in AgTech and adjacent industries to transform their farm business through a structured cost effective and risk mitigating trial process, while early stage companies with a defensive technology are supported with a path to market.

Beanstalk works across Asia-Pacific’s startup ecosystem, corporates, investors, governments and non-for-profit sectors to drive far-reaching impact. The team’s deep experience across the Australian agriculture industry, startup sector and in Asian markets allows them to work with their clients to unlock innovative solutions that leverage the opportunities being driven by the growth of Asia Pacific and the pace of technological change.

Contact: Simon Hanson


Phone: +61 3 9545 2752


A key part of CSIRO’s role as Australia’s Innovation Catalyst is connecting Australian industry with research. SME Connect is CSIRO’s specialist national SME engagement team, working with companies ranging from start-ups up to those employing 200+ people.

SME Connect provides a single point of contact for businesses to interact with universities, CSIRO and other research organisations. SME Connect utilises an end-to-end facilitation model in which they work with SMEs to identify opportunities for research to benefit their business, connect SMEs with Australia’s best researchers, support feasibility evaluation, participate in project scoping, provide access to voucher funding, oversee project establishment and monitor project delivery.

SME Connect provides solutions tailored to the needs of SMEs and focuses on ‘making it easy’ for SMEs to do business with research organisations.

SME Connect leverages its extensive networks across research and industry, and specialises in working with companies which have never before engaged with research organisations.

Contact: Damon Cantwell, Partner


Phone: +61 3 9671 7543

Mobile: +61 412 500 473

Website: au

Deloitte Australia has a long history in assisting companies that continually create innovative products and processes during research and development activities. The innovative activities undertaken by Victorian food companies can be instigated by a number of different drivers and can be found throughout the entire food supply chain. Deloitte’s approach is to assist organisations to access the information and know how required to innovate and improve an organisation’s ability to compete by helping to progress the commercialisation of new and innovative products.

They also provide a gateway to international thinking around innovation strategies and their connection to the sector through global food and beverage teams.

Contact: Derio Comar, Director and Principal consultant


Phone: +61 3 9497 5341

Mobile: +61 3 488 088 340

Derio Comar has 45 years experience in food microbiology and food technology with an emphasis on food safety, prevention of contamination, risk assessment and HACCP applications across a broad range of foods. Derio was also a founder and the CEO of a NATA accredited food testing laboratory. This experience brings business management skills and a unique expertise into testing requirements to achieve food safety and comply with current food regulations and labelling.

Product testing techniques, including challenge studies, determine an accurate shelf life as well as assessing the microbiological risks associated with specific food poisoning micro-organisms.

The management skills and food production experience contribute to the development of practical and effective Quality Assurance programs. Product and food concept assessments can assist in building quality and safety into a product from the onset. A feasibility approach contributes significantly to the planning requirements for the development and launch of any product.

Contact: Tom Debney, Executive Director Technical


Phone: +61 3 9872 3287

Mobile: +61 417 568 423


FAPIC works to:

  • Save money and increase business at the same time
  • Transform companies by increasing profits while reducing their working capital and growing their business
  • Improve the business performance of Australia’s food industry partners by providing novel and well-established development and quality solutions
  • Provide resources and outsourced solutions to Food Industry Partners
  • Provide expertise to save time and money
  • Remove non-productive activities
  • End-to-End project management
  • Provide expertise outside of company politics and friendships
  • Use and promote world best practices
  • Build the internal capability to ensure successful completion.

FAPIC also has access to skilled resources and programs.

Contact: Geoffrey Smithers, Founder and Director


Phone: +61 3 9532 0069

Mobile: +61 417 341 251


Geoffrey Smithers Food Industry Consulting Services (GSFICS) is managed by an experienced research scientist and scientific entrepreneur who has worked both at the bench but also at the science-business interface linking business outcomes with relevant science and technology tools. GSFICS can ‘speak’ both science and business language, and can facilitate strategic and innovation planning and implementation for an on-time/on-budget/on-expectation outcome.

GSFICS provides a range of services, including:

  • R&D planning, notably in process and product development
  • linking business outcomes with science/technology tools
  • innovation, strategic and operational planning
  • trouble-shooting
  • technology audits
  • intellectual property management.

Contact: Corrina Bertram, Partner – Management Consulting


Phone: +61 3 9838 4564

Mobile: +61 418 210 105


KPMG Australia has a strong interest in the agriculture and food sector and is a lead partner of the new Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre.

KPMG provides a broad ranging innovative service offering expert advice and methodologies designed to help businesses to build their capability and strategy. In particular, KPMG can assist food companies in accelerating the development of new products and services to global markets.

Based on solid industry experience KPMG works with its clients, augmenting their internal capabilities and providing a fresh, independent perspective on important strategic and operational issues.  This includes bringing the best ideas through commercialisation and implementation to improve the productivity and profitability for our food & fibre sector. KPMG draws on its considerable technical expertise, including highly qualified and experienced scientists and engineers across a broad range of disciplines, to validate and enhance innovative solutions in order to help extract maximum commercial potential. With strong local, national and global networks within food and fibre, KPMG is able to bring market insights to focus innovation and growth strategies.

Contact: Brenton Dodd, Sales Manager


Phone: +61 3 8605 7777

Mobile: +61 413 516 222


MEMKO’s primary focus is to bring sustainable and measurable performance improvements to businesses by integrating technology, training and process improvements.

MEMKO can deliver substantial and sustainable benefits to Food and Beverage companies in new product introduction, specification management, cost reduction from ingredient and formula optimisation, regulatory compliance, lifecycle and information management.

Specific solution capabilities include:

– Centralised ‘single version of the truth’ for all specifications, recipes and documents

– Optimised recipes for quality and cost

– Streamlined production and supply chain processes

– ‘Perfect Package’ solution to centrally manage all aspects of package design and development

– Portfolio, program and project management

– Collaboration and integration.

Contact: Anne-Maree Boland, Managing Principal



Phone: +613 9882 2670

Mobile: +61 427 679 042

RMCG is an environmental and agricultural consultancy. The group provides advice to government agencies, water authorities, institutions and private sector clients in the fields of environment, water, agriculture, economics and communities.

The group applies its expertise and insight to drive sustainable resource use. RMCG provides policy, planning and technical consulting services to ensure a healthy future for the environment, industry and communities by helping them to plan and implement change. They combine sound technical knowledge and ability to work through complex problems with a passion for working with people to develop practical, effective and fair outcomes for agriculture, the environment and the communities that depend upon it.

RMCG is one of Australia’s strongest, regionally focused consulting groups. The group has achieved this position through a commitment to the sustainable development of rural industries and communities.

RMCG is based in Victoria and works nationally. The group’s Victorian offices ensure holistic coverage across the state.

Contact: John Day, Director


Phone: +61 3 9800 2068

Mobile +61 418 99 2121


ShopAbility provides clients with a solid Innovation, Branding, Manufacturing, Channel and Brand Activation Programs and Insights solution for the client’s business and Brands/Products. With a team that has extensive experience in all business functions and aspects, the company delivers focused strategies that are both realistic and commercial. The team at ShopAbility has a broad Brand and Channel experience base and can help clients activate both trialling and full activation into the channel(s) the client wants to develop – including formalising those Channel and Customer plans. In addition they will work with clients in measuring the success of these initiatives. The focus is on building the client’s business capabilities to support these initiatives.  These are built around  people, process and system – and in addition, at a cultural and business management and behaviour level, as required.

ShopAbility has a proven success in the SME base through a flexible and focused solution designed model to meet any business’s special needs – they are not a one size fits all model.

Contact: Kim Khor, Director


Mobile: +61 408 228 282


Snaptrap is a digital technology company focused on Australian agriculture (agtech). The company works on solving problems that are obstacles to Australian agriculture achieving its economic potential.  Snaptrap works with primary producers and marketers to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization using new digital technology innovations. They strive to enable primary producers and marketers to identify and create solutions for themselves.  The principal and the company’s consultants focus on economic outcomes for industry. They are technology-agnostic and seek the best improvements for its’ customers’ businesses.  The company seeks to match problems with leading edge science and research (such as agronomy, entomology and biometry) to provide decision information customized for local conditions. This results in reductions in risk and costs, and provides efficiency gains leading to increased production quality and yield. They also seek to create rigour in customers’ records and evidence that support trade negotiations and maintenance of trade agreements.

Contact: Irma de Bree, Owner/Founder


Phone: +61 3 9787 4270

Mobile: +61 425 789 008


Solutions in Food offers services such as New Product Feasibility, Product Development, Concept Sample Development, Label Compliance, Ingredient Sourcing, Contract Manufacturer Sourcing, and Scale-up Trials leading to commercialisation. Tapping into a vast and established network of commercial suppliers, packaging experts, manufacturers and distributors, Solutions in Food assists small start up businesses, as well as larger established companies, seeking a skill set in food product development.

Contact: Hilary Heslop, Director


Mobile: +61 400 938 722


Tarn Food Consulting creates innovative food solutions built on a customer-centric philosophy and robust financial foundations. Their extensive experience in global food retailing, FMCG manufacturing and financial management underpin their development of brand and product offers to foresee fast-moving market conditions that drive the client’s bottom line and entice customers.

Their collective experience in food retailing, manufacturing, hospitality and finance allow us to identify, develop and launch food ranges that grow your core business or unlock new business opportunities. They work with clients creating brand and product strategies to support the whole development process delivering right-first-time launches and an on-going strategy for the entire lifecycle of the project. They are passionate about keeping up-to-date with global trends and emerging markets to challenge boundaries and deliver products that delight consumers to ensure their client’s business stays ahead of the market.

Contact: Michael Harley, Managing Director


Mobile:+61 404 098 892


XPotential has delivered differentiated revenue growth and profitability for its clients through customer-centric and holistic business innovation programs. The business associates are experienced international practitioners who have held senior leadership positions within the food and agri-business industry.

Their overarching philosophy is to share their industry knowledge, experience and expertise with clients, in tandem with using proven processes and tools such as design-led innovation and lean canvas, so they can develop their own capability to adapt and grow.

In addition to its consulting business, XPotential™ has successfully developed and run the ‘Fast ‘n Furious Innovation’ short course with over 50 companies across Australia in conjunction with FIAL.

The team at XPotential has deep connections within the research community that allow them to practically apply the latest technology to the client’s individual innovation challenge.

XPotential is ready to commence a dialogue with a client’s leadership team now.

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