2022 Mentoring Program

Applications for the Rural Women’s Mentoring Program are now open.

The Victorian Rural Women’s Mentoring Program provides rural women and opportunity to take part in a reciprocal peer-to-peer style mentoring relationship that will be guided by an experienced facilitator. The mentorship facilitator will pair the participants based on alignment of the participant’s experience and development goals.  The mentoring or ‘buddy’ style relationship as guided by the facilitator will assist participants in:  

  • identifying leadership challenges 
  • tackling business goals 
  • developing leadership skills  
  • career development and progression 
  • building professional networks, and 
  • implementing change with support. 

The purpose of the program is to assist the participants in building professional networks, utilising trusted sources of advice and information, developing competency in setting career and personal development goals, and developing and applying new skills where applicable. 

The program will run until November 2022. During this period the mentorship buddies will work together overseen by their facilitator. All parties will work together to arrange regular catch ups to track the progress of the participants. Up to eight mentoring partnerships will be established. Expressions of Interest will be accepted until the program is fully subscribed. 

The program is managed by Agriculture Victoria. More information about the program, eligibility and application process is available via the Agriculture Victoria website.