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Pic of cattle grazing. Planning reforms simplify planning requirements for producers

Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Jaala Pulford announced significant reforms to Victoria’s land-use planning system for animal industries in June. This announcement is the culmination of three years of extensive stakeholder engagement and negotiation.

The reforms introduce new land-use definitions and associated planning controls for animal industries into the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes in Victoria. These changes will provide farmers with greater flexibility to manage their farms and enable them to better manage seasonal conditions and capture market opportunities. The reforms also introduce a simplified planning process to support outdoor pig and poultry farms that operate with low environmental and amenity risks.

The planning reforms deliver on key actions of Planning for sustainable animal industries (PSAI), which is the Victorian Government’s commitment to address the raft of planning issues that were identified by the ministerially-appointed Animal Industries Advisory Committee in 2014. The changes to the planning system come into effect in September this year.

A series of information sessions are now underway (between July and August) across Victoria to inform planners, planning professionals and other interested stakeholders of the changes. These sessions are aimed at supporting local government in implementing the changes in September.

More information on the changes and information sessions including registration for the events is at

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