Abbie Rose

Abbie got her bachelors degree from Virginia Tech in Dairy Science with an emphasis in agribusiness. Through multiple internships she gained experience with Lely robots which led to her current position of Operations Manager for Lely Center Mid-Atlantic in the US.

Area of expertise: Data management, robotic start-ups, and robot finances

Experience: Certified level 3 Farm Management Support Specialist, which allows her to consult with all of the Lely farmers in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Current project(s): Teach customers the Lely computer system, T4C, before start-up when they are just beginning to install the robots, guide them through the start-up process and support them as long as they are milking. Her favorite part is helping customers make complicated reports to fit their management needs and identifying ways of making their system more efficient.

Why join the AMS CoP? For the knowledge exchange. She has a unique perspective to offer, being involved in almost all aspects of the Lely Center, and is interested in learning more from others, especially on such a diverse platform!

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