Pablo Silva

Pablo is a veterinarian from Chile, involved in the use of technology to help improve on-farm performance.

Area of expertise: technology, animal management, milk quality

Experience: I worked for DeLaval Chile for 3 years were I participated in the start up and advising of the firsts AMS farms in the country.

Current project(s): Currently, I am the Dairy Science PhD program from the University of Wisconsin-Madison researching about milking management strategies to increase system performance of AMS. Additionally, I started a position as a researcher in Teagasc (Ireland) were I will be investigating mastitis and milking management related topics.

Why join the AMS CoP? I have a true passion for AMS. I think it is a great technology for dairy farms that still needs development, research and advising to make it perform to its optimum, particularly in pasture based farms. I would like to contribute by providing and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired these past years and the current and future research developed on the subject.

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