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Across the globe, farmers, researchers, industry experts and advisors are investigating, developing and delivering relevant, timely and accurate information with regards to Automatic Milking Systems (AMS).

The challenge many of us face is how to increase collaboration in order to share and learn from each other despite the geographical distance.

Most information is now sourced and transmitted online and there is potential for more innovative ways to connect, collaborate and source information that will lead to creating positive practice and change on-farm.

A Community of Practice (CoP) is basically a ‘broad range of experts from a wide-variety of backgrounds and organisations who are willing to formally network together to share knowledge and information with users’. The CoP provides knowledge and information to a Community of Interest (CoI), ‘made up of people who have a genuine interest in a particular subject or area’.

The ExtensionAUS platform was initiated in 2014 with CoP’s for Crop Nutrition and Field Crop Diseases, and it is now the turn for an Automatic Milking Systems Community of Practice (AMS CoP).

The AMS CoP will include AMS farmers, equipment providers and researchers, as well as key consultants and service providers that have demonstrated leadership in this domain, from all around the world. The community will collaborate, share knowledge, research and solutions for farmers and service providers on all aspects related to AMS.

The CoP members determine their individual level of involvement as an expert. Some members may opt to be more active than others, whilst others may find their level of involvement depends on the topic or method of delivery. Choosing your level of involvement is totally fine and welcomed by CoP leaders.

There are no formal time commitments or duties required in order to join the AMS CoP. However, the success of the CoP relies heavily on the level of collaboration, contribution and participation of its members. Active participation ensures you have input into the accuracy, relevance and delivery of the information presented.

Does the idea of being an expert on the AMS CoP sound interesting? Do you have technical knowledge, skills and experience related to AMS? Would you like to broaden your network and collaborate with other industry experts across the globe?

Complete the Expression of Interest (EOI):

Each EOI will be appraised by the Milking Edge project team to ensure the CoP has the right balance of people, skills and experiences on board.

For more information please contact Dr Nicolas Lyons ( / 0401 650 073)


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