Antimicrobial sensitivity testing – a survey of laboratory capacity

There are several laboratories that provide a variety of services to the Australian chicken meat industry, which includes the isolation and characterisation of bacteria from various samples collected on-farm or during processing. In some instances, characterisation of these bacteria may require additional information to be gathered to determine if the isolate is resistant to antibiotics. While there are standard methods for isolating, characterising and determining the antibiotic resistance profile of bacteria, there may be variations used within individual laboratories and varying levels of expertise that might impact on the comparability of the results at a national level.

The aim of this project is to identify all laboratories that provide services to the Australian chicken meat industry, establish the capacity of these laboratories to undertake isolation, characterisation and/or antibiotic resistance profiling of bacteria from chicken samples, and to determine whether there are any future plans to increase their capacity to isolate and characterise bacteria. The outcome of this project will inform the viability of a nation-wide collation and analysis of information, in particular, the antibiotic resistance profile of bacteria isolated from Australian meat chickens.

Project Details

Project Number: PRJ-010967
Principal Investigatior: Pat Blackall
Research Organisation: University of Queensland
Project Duration: August 2018 – July 2020

Related research

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Pat Blackall
University of Queensland

Georgie Townsend
Extension Officer

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