Assessment of welfare and carcass quality issues during transport (with truck design)

Ian Johnston
October 2018 – October 2019



The transport of chickens to the processing plant is a necessary part of chicken meat production. However, there are risks to the welfare and meat quality of the chickens if they become stressed. Stress generally occurs when chickens are transported during extreme weather events and/or over long distances.

This project aims to undertake a literature review and collate information from chicken meat industry stakeholders regarding attempts (both successful and unsuccessful) to mitigate these risks. Specific issues to be investigated will be based on how mortality correlates with temperature, travel distance, truck design and methods of loading chickens onto the trucks.

A literature review of truck design will inform options for proof-of-concept truck modifications to address these issues. The outcome is expected to be a comprehensive understanding of the issues and risks related to transport of meat chickens in Australia and identification of future research priorities on this topic.


Ian Johnston

Georgie Townsend
Manager, Research
AgriFutures Australia


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