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Chicken litter, or bedding, is an essential part of breeding and growing meat chickens. Litter in good condition—dry and friable—optimises chicken health and welfare, improving their growth and productivity.

Here you will find litter resources and tools for meat chicken growers and breeders including guides, videos and webinar recordings. There are also links to current research project summaries and completed project final reports.

Litter guides

There are four litter guides for meat chicken growers and breeders:

A best practice manual for managing litter is being developed and is due for release at the end of 2020.

Litter pocket guide and shed poster

Chicken meat growers and breeders can order copies of the ‘Litter pocket guide’ and ‘Litter condition shed poster’ to help assess and manage their litter from Rachele Osmond.

Litter videos

Watch these short litter videos and animations to learn more about factors that affect litter—relative humidity; ammonia and litter management; shed maintenance; water movement in litter; drinker management; litter re-use, and; preheating sheds and litter.

Litter webinars

Watch this Litter webinar recording to learn about litter management, amendments and alternative litter options for meat chicken growers. Topics covered by Eugene McGahan, Integrity Ag & Environment, and Mark Dunlop, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, include: litter supply, risk assessment of alternative litter types, suitability of litter amendments and best practice litter management.


Litter-related research projects currently under way are:

For a list of completed projects visit our ‘Completed litter research projects’ page.

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