Category: The Chicken

Suitability of litter amendments for the Australian chicken meat industry

A normal process of feed digestion in chickens includes the excretion of ammonia in their faeces, which gets mixed into the litter on the floor of the housing. If the system is not managed appropriately, the presence of ammonia can be detrimental to chicken health and welfare. Internationally, ‘litter amendments’ […]

Water purification and treatment options – a review

As the Australian chicken meat industry increasingly expands into more rural areas, the availability of adequate water supplies of suitable quality becomes more of a challenge on-farm and during processing. There are several water treatment and recycling technologies available that may improve the efficiency, availability and appropriateness of water used […]

Increasing Australia’s preparedness for vvIBDV

Australia’s geographic isolation and strict import biosecurity requirements prevent several diseases that impact poultry industries internationally, such as very virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (vvIBDV), to remain non-existent in Australian poultry. Incursion of vvIBDV strains pose a serious threat to the Australian Poultry Industry, and although work since the 1990s […]

Antimicrobial sensitivity testing – a survey of laboratory capacity

There are several laboratories that provide a variety of services to the Australian chicken meat industry, which includes the isolation and characterisation of bacteria from various samples collected on-farm or during processing. In some instances, characterisation of these bacteria may require additional information to be gathered to determine if the […]

Chicken farm odour modelling

Any application to build new, or expand existing, poultry farms requires modelling of the potential odour emissions to surrounding areas, to inform the extent of the potential impact of the new facilities to neighbouring properties (which may be farming operations or residential buildings). However, the robustness of the modelling used […]