Future market insights for Australia’s chicken meat industry

Understanding the current and future opportunities and barriers to continued consumer demands for chicken meat can help inform the planning and development of the industry, its companies and their products. This project aims to use a variety of new and previous techniques to survey Australian consumers, to provide insights into decision-making behaviour related to chicken meat.

Future market demand and barriers for the chicken industry will be assessed by comparing recent and past surveys to provide a deeper understanding of the drivers of chicken meat consumption, which will inform projections of chicken meat consumption. The outcomes of these surveys will be compiled into a report for use by Australian chicken meat companies to identify opportunities to add value to their businesses now, and in the future.

Project details

Project code: PRJ-010999
Principal investigator: Wendy Umberger
Research organisation: University of Adelaide
Project duration: August 2018 – December 2019

Related research

PRJ-002977: Chicken meat usage and attitude survey


Professor Wendy Umberger, Executive Director CGFAR, University of Adelaide, wendy.umberger@adelaide.edu.au

Sue Hatcher, Manager, Research – Chicken Meat RD&E Program – Food Safety, Environment and Consumer Needs, AgriFutures Australia, sue.hatcher@agrifutures.com.au

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Visit the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program website.

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