New options for chicken litter supply and disposal

As the chicken meat industry continues its growth trajectory of about three per cent per year, the supply, management and disposal of quality bedding materials remains challenging.
An AgriFutures Australia funded industry audit reveals more than 65 per cent grower-interviewees are looking for alternative litter sources due to cost and supply …
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Current and potential food safety interventions for meat chicken production

Reducing the risk of contamination by bacteria that can cause foodborne illness in humans, like Salmonella and Campylobacter, is a high priority when processing chicken meat. There is substantial research conducted internationally to inform management of this risk. However, it can be difficult for stakeholders in the Australian industry to …
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National environment planning guidelines

As the consumption of chicken meat increases in Australia and more export opportunities become available, the Chicken Meat industry will need to build new or expand existing facilities on existing farms. Previous research (PRJ-010658) identified a range of difficulties during the development application and assessment process for approval or extension …
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Assessment of welfare and carcass quality issues during transport (with truck design)

Ian Johnston
October 2018 – October 2019
The transport of chickens to the processing plant is a necessary part of chicken meat production. However, there are risks to the welfare and meat quality of the chickens if they become stressed. Stress generally occurs when chickens are transported during extreme weather events and/or …
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Electrolyte supplementation to alleviate the adverse effects of severe heat stress

Jeff Downing
University of Sydney
July 2018 – September 2019
Meat chickens are highly susceptible to heat stress, particularly during periods of prolonged hot weather events in shed conditions and also during transport. Heatwaves in Australia are expected to become a regular occurrence, so there is a need to identify and implement strategies …
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Suitability of litter amendments for the Australian chicken meat industry

A normal process of feed digestion in chickens includes the excretion of ammonia in their faeces, which gets mixed into the litter on the floor of the housing. If the system is not managed appropriately, the presence of ammonia can be detrimental to chicken health and welfare. Internationally, ‘litter amendments’ …
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Water purification and treatment options – a review

As the Australian chicken meat industry increasingly expands into more rural areas, the availability of adequate water supplies of suitable quality becomes more of a challenge on-farm and during processing. There are several water treatment and recycling technologies available that may improve the efficiency, availability and appropriateness of water used …
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Increasing Australia’s preparedness for vvIBDV

Australia’s geographic isolation and strict import biosecurity requirements prevent several diseases that impact poultry industries internationally, such as very virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (vvIBDV), to remain non-existent in Australian poultry. Incursion of vvIBDV strains pose a serious threat to the Australian Poultry Industry, and although work since the 1990s …
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