Water purification and treatment options – a review

As the Australian chicken meat industry increasingly expands into more rural areas, the availability of adequate water supplies of suitable quality becomes more of a challenge on-farm and during processing. There are several water treatment and recycling technologies available that may improve the efficiency, availability and appropriateness of water used on chicken farms and in processing plants, however, there are barriers to the effective implementation of these technologies.

The aim of this project is to identify opportunities and barriers to the adoption of technologies that improve access to appropriate water on-farm and in processing, whilst effectively managing the potential risks. This project will produce a review of water treatment technologies for on-farm and processing applications, along with an assessment of present and likely future barriers to the implementation of these technologies (including legislative impacts). This information will be used to direct prioritisation of future investments in water management for the Australian chicken meat industry.

Project Details

Project Number: PRJ-010995
Principal Investigator: Marie-Laure Pype
Research Organisation: University of Queensland
Project Duration: August 2018 – March 2019


Marie-Laure Pype
University of Queensland

Georgie Townsend
Extension Officer

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