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Harnessing the value in organic wastes


Inoplex provides water, waste and energy solutions. So, if you have wastes or wastewater and need energy such as power, water heating and chilling, please talk to our design team, and we will design a solution to meet your needs.

Our experience includes creating power and water heating for piggeries, dairy farms, renderers and wine producers, food & beverage and industrial wastes. We commonly recommend simple covered anaerobic ponds for primary producers and also offer compact and higher gas-yielding membrane anaerobic digesters for industrial or high-density applications.

For businesses with solid wastes, Inoplex offers modular gasifiers starting at 10 KW with a generator included.

Our variable speed combined heat, power and cooling generators are designed and built in Australia for our environment and regulations. They are fuelled by renewable gases such as biogas from anaerobic digesters or syngas from Gasifiers. Our generators start at 5 KW and scale up to 2 MW of electrical power, with typical sizes are 50 to 250 KW. Inoplex CHP generators are all tailored to meet your site’s specific needs.

Inoplex also provides traditional wastewater and drinking water treatment, so please get in touch with us if you need your water cleaned up.


Piggery with 24,000 animals creating 650 KW-e and 1300 KW-th. Owners experienced a 200% increase in farm electrical costs and decided to use biogas to reduce their energy costs, realising a Return on Investment of better than 20%.

Dairy farm with 720 pasture fed cows and canola wastes producing 88 KW-e and 180 KW-th. Owner uses the embedded power instead of paying for upgrading the authority electrical supply to his property, runs the combined heat and power generator using both biogas and biodiesel for extra energy flexibility.


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