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Quality Management Principles and Extension

A key focus of Quality Management principles is to meet customer needs and aim at exceeding their expectations. They can be used as a guide in extension project planning.  Particularly for projects which have a focus on improved performance or maintaining performance standards.
Sustained success is achieved when an extension organisation […]

Co-Innovation Webinar

Interested in ways innovation and the pace of practice change can be fostered?  Then this Webinar, presented by Dr James Turner from AgResearch in New Zealand, is for you.
It introduces work from the Primary Innovation project, led by James, who is a Senior Resource Economist.  The project worked with a cross discipline team (pastoral, […]

Using HACCP Principles in Extension

Looking to identify and manage risks in your extension programs and projects?  The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles can be a great help in that regard.
The HACCP principles have been developed and used in the food industry to identify and manage the hazards and reduce the risks […]

Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitation Methods

Technology of Participation (ToP) is a well known brand and a great resource of facilitation processes and tools, that are useful for extension professionals.  The ToP methods have been developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs to help people think, talk and work together.
“A new style of facilitative leadership is […]

A Useful Source of Guides and Resources for Extension Professionals

An excellent range of extension guides and resources have been developed and housed as a section on Extension within the Knowledge hub of Beef and Lamb New Zealand. Supported by the Red Meat Profit Partnership, they are a great collection of very practical and useful resources.
They provide Extension Best Practice […]

Online Tools for Helping in Extension Project Management

Project management in extension often involves a team of people working together to achieve extension goals. There are some great online tools that can assist with communication, extension planning, document sharing, monitoring, review and archiving amongst team members.
Here is an overview of three key ones:

This is a free service provided […]

The Importance of Networks in Extension

Building and maintaining professional and social relationships and networks is a critical element of successful extension programs and the professional development of farmers and agricultural professionals alike. This post will explore what makes for successful networks and some tips on building and maintaining them.
“Relationship building is under-recognised as a fundamental […]

Negotiation – Achieving Consensus, Collaboration and Outcomes

Negotiating for agreed outcomes is a skill that can be learnt. Technical expertise or hard skills, are often what the clients of extension professionals are looking for. However, in modern day extension programs, it is now critical that soft skills, such as being able to effectively negotiate, enable collaboration and […]

Active Listening and Extension

Active listening is an important technique, some would say a fundamental skill, that can help extension professionals ensure effective communication.
It is used to make certain they fully understand what their “client” is communicating. It is also important as a tool to help validate what their clients understanding of the matter […]