Topic: Extension planning

Quality Management Principles and Extension

A key focus of Quality Management principles is to meet customer needs and aim at exceeding their expectations. They can be used as a guide in extension project planning.  Particularly for projects which have a focus on improved performance or maintaining performance standards.
Sustained success is achieved when an extension organisation […]

Using HACCP Principles in Extension

Looking to identify and manage risks in your extension programs and projects?  The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles can be a great help in that regard.
The HACCP principles have been developed and used in the food industry to identify and manage the hazards and reduce the risks […]

A Useful Source of Guides and Resources for Extension Professionals

An excellent range of extension guides and resources have been developed and housed as a section on Extension within the Knowledge hub of Beef and Lamb New Zealand. Supported by the Red Meat Profit Partnership, they are a great collection of very practical and useful resources.
They provide Extension Best Practice […]

Online Tools for Helping in Extension Project Management

Project management in extension often involves a team of people working together to achieve extension goals. There are some great online tools that can assist with communication, extension planning, document sharing, monitoring, review and archiving amongst team members.
Here is an overview of three key ones:

This is a free service provided […]

Diffusion of Innovations Theory: Case Studies and Discussion

The Diffusion of Innovations theory was the leading theory in agricultural extension post World War II until the 1970s and there is still considerable interest in it today in agricultural extension, as these case studies demonstrate. It is particularly relevant when extension is concerned with adoption of a particular technology […]

Design Thinking and Innovation

Design thinking is a five step method for innovating to solve complex (“wicked”) problems and is being used successfully in agricultural extension. It approaches challenges by understanding the needs of users and then developing insights to meet those needs. It proposes that only by contact, observation and empathy with end […]

Pareto’s Law

It is useful for Extension Professionals to consider Pareto’s Principle when planning and implementing extensions projects. Pareto’s Principle is often simplified to the 80/20 observation. It can be used to prioritise actions that will have the greatest effect.
Knowing that equal amounts of effort or inputs will not generate the same […]