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What to know about Evapotranspiration and how to use it to schedule irrigations

Evapotranspiration provides a relatively objective and reliable estimate of the water requirements of actively growing plants in a farm situation. Evapotranspiration information can be used by irrigators to more accurately schedule irrigations to help achieve top yields and improve water productivity.
What is Evapotranspiration?
Evapotranspiration is an estimate of the loss of […]

Top irrigation links!

This page shows ‘hot links’ that provide valuable and popular information for irrigators and the broader irrigation community in northern Vic, southern NSW and Gippsland

Upcoming irrigation water availability
Nowadays, irrigation water availability and price, is influenced not only by the water allocation in your district, but by water allocations in other […]

Weekly Irrigation Requirements – Mallee

Weekly Irrigation Requirements – Driving Water Productivity
This update provides ‘reference evapotranspiration’ (ETo) data to assist with improved irrigation scheduling for top growth rates and yields for the Mallee region.
ETo graph and readings to week ending 02/09/2018*

What is Potential Evaporanspiration?
Potential evapotranspiration is calculated from a number of other measurements such as […]