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Weekly Irrigation Requirements – Northern Victoria

Thursday 13 December 2018
Weekly Irrigation Requirement$ Summary – Driving Water Productivity
This update provides ‘reference evapotranspiration’ (ETo) information to assist with improved irrigation scheduling for top yields and high water productivity.
This interactive scheduling tool (Ctrl click, then click on the Excel icon that appears on the bottom left of […]

Weekly Irrigation Requirements – Macalister Irrigation District

Macalister ETo Update
6 to 12 December 2018

Flood irrigation interval for the last week was 9 days
Spray irrigators needed to have applied on average 32 mm of irrigation water for the week
The predicted weekly pasture water use for the MID in the next week is 36 mm
Lake Glenmaggie is at 72.7

* These figures […]

Weekly Irrigation Requirements – North East Victoria

Weekly Irrigation Requirements – North East Victoria
This update provides ‘reference evapotranspiration’ (ETo) data to assist with improved irrigation scheduling for top yields and high water productivity.Note: To convert mm to megalitres /ha, divide by 100. Eg. 50mm = 0.5ML /ha

What is Potential Evaporanspiration?
Potential evapotranspiration is calculated from a number of other […]

Irrigating in a dry season

In the Macalister Irrigation District, lessons from previous dry seasons have highlighted the need to plan and make early decisions and then monitor and adjust as you go along.
Plan early and consider contingencies
Key points to consider during a dry irrigation season include:
 Do a water budget
Will you have enough irrigation water […]