Incentives for Irrigation Whole Farm Plans – Goulburn Broken

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Funding is currently available for irrigators to develop a new, or update an existing, whole farm plan within the Shepparton Irrigation Region.

“With all the changes happening in irrigation technology and delivery, the need for a whole farm plan is more relevant than ever before,’’ Goulburn Broken CMA Sustainable Irrigation Program manager Carl Walters said.

Incentives are available to cover up to 85 percent of the cost of completing a whole farm plan and having it ‘endorsed’ by local government to ensure that the appropriate earthworks approvals are obtained prior to works commencing.

Irrigators are eligible for up to $51.10 per hectare for the survey component of a Whole Farm Plan and $58.75 per hectare for design.

“Whole farm plans have been the mainstay of farm irrigation development for the past 30 years,” Mr Walters said

“They are a blueprint for the future development of irrigation properties. As irrigation technologies have evolved and initiatives such as the GMW Connections project are rolled out across the region, an up-to-date whole farm plan becomes even more important to ensure farmers as well as governments get the best return on their investment in farm and regional irrigation infrastructure.”

Whole farm planning picks up on property characteristics such as topography, irrigation supply, irrigation systems and environmental features.

Irrigators work with an independent irrigation surveyor and designer to develop a whole farm plan that documents the future development of their properties.

“Working through different options during this planning stage can help irrigators avoid costly mistakes implementing upgrades in the field,” Mr Walters said.

“Whole farm plans provide irrigators with the information they need to source independent quotes and ensure they get the best value for money from on farm upgrades.”

The Whole farm plan process also provides value for those working with the Connections project and is delivered by the Goulburn Broken CMA and Agriculture Victoria.

For further information, please contact Joel Pike at Agriculture Victoria on 5482 0456.

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