Advisor perspective: Adelaide Hills SA, March 2019

Advisor name: Mark Staniford, agronomist with EE Muirs in Lenswood, SA.

Background: Mark’s father was a fruitgrower in the Adelaide HillsMark has been working as an agronomist with EE Muirs in the Adelaide Hills for 5 years after a career working for PIRSA and the Costa group doing citrus irrigation scheduling.

What are the main IPDM issues being focussed on in your region?

Codling Moth, LBAM, mites, scab and powdery mildew.

What are you doing currently with IPDM?

  • Trapping.
  • RIMPRO for Scab.
  • Monitoring and warning service.

What has worked well? 

  • Monitoring and timely advice to growers with high pressure pest or disease populations. Dry year helped with disease management.

What would you do differently next time?

  • We started mite management late due to change in our system, TSM and Bryobia. Next time would adjust to Cumulative Leaf Infested Days (CLID’s).

Any interesting learnings?

  • Practice increases confidence
  • Mavrik carryover has led to mites.

Take home message

  • Think carefully about which pesticides are used. Resistance, mite flare and other side effects.
  • Be aware of what, when and where.
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