Brett Whelan, University of Sydney

Brett is an Associate Professor in Precision Agriculture (PA) and heads the Precision Agriculture Laboratory at the University of Sydney. He teaches agronomy and PA to undergraduates in the BScAgr degree and supervises postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows researching aspects of PA. Brett’s research work has been aimed at developing the use of Precision Agriculture (PA) in a range of crop management systems. This is being achieved through the research and establishment of techniques and procedures for quantifying spatially-
manageable variability and then devising and implementing variable-rate treatment on commercial farms.

His research has seen the development of the management class approach to partitioning variability, with fine-scale in-season crop reflectance used to further refine the scale of variable-rate treatments. His work is being extended into the practical use of automation and robotics and incorporation of the rapidly expanding amount of publicly available resource data into within-field decision-making. He is a foundation convener of the Symposium on Precision Agriculture Research and Application in Australasia, which has been running annually since 1997 as a national forum for developments in PA. The event is now run in conjunction with SPAA Precision Agriculture.

Brett’s research and experience in PA has also been used to develop training materials and provide information and instruction for the wider national and international agricultural communities. More information on Brett and the PA Laboratory can be found at

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