Eva Moffitt, Farmlink Research

Eva is a Research Officer with Farmlink Research based at Temora, NSW, with a background in geosciences, GIS and precision ag. Studied a B.Science (biology/geosciences) and spent around four years in Western Australia working as an exploration and mine geologist. During this time, Eva started performing basic PA tasks for the family farm (data management, yield data processing/analysis, farm maps, drainage management, etc.). Moved back east in 2015 to pursue a career in PA. Worked as a PA advisor with Precision Agriculture Pty Ltd until April 2018, primarily involved with grid soil sampling (pH/P/CEC), EM38 mapping, management zoning, strategic sampling, data management and hardware, working primarily with broadacre farmers in the Riverina/Central West NSW.

Key area of interest is identifying the most accurate methods to quantify within-paddock variability of soil chemical and physical properties along with sound agronomic methods to utilise this information using site-specific management.

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