Matt Notley, NSW DPI

Matt Notley is the lecturer of Precision Agronomy at Tocal Agricultural College.

Matt has developed and implemented multiple courses for Tocal College including the Precision Agronomy skills set, Certificate 4 Cropping and Technology units, and the Certificate 3 Precision Agriculture unit.  

Matt provides modern and relevant training, with a practical approach at the farm level. Matt strives to always maintain an economical perspective to the digital agricultural courses he has developed and has an in-depth understanding of the demand for digital agriculture in the modern farming workplace. He has obtained this through his ongoing work within the industry in the development and application of digital agriculture products and services.

Having seen the demand for a trained digital farm workforce in current and future agriculture technology allows Matt to use his extensive knowledge and expertise to develop a number of courses at multiple skill levels.

The focus of Matt’s course development is to provide the relevant training with clear objectives contextualised for the modern agriculture student. His work at the Certificate 3 level to farm workers, Certificate 4 to farm managers and advisors, and the ongoing development of Diploma level training to the agriculture technology support sector are examples of his commitment to the industry.

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