Dr Amy Cosby, CQUniversity

I am a Research Fellow in Agri-tech Education and Innovation at CQUniversity Australia with a Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a PhD in Precision Agriculture. My husband and I also own and operate a 200 cow dairy farm in South Gippsland, Victoria. The majority of my work is in the field of student and teacher engagement within the agricultural industry, I currently work with educators, researchers and industry professionals to develop innovative programs to increase the skills and knowledge of teachers and students in agricultural concepts, tools and systems.

The objectives of my team’s work is to:

  • Achieve practice change on farm by using young people to diffuse knowledge of agri-tech
  • Build the capacity of the next generation agricultural workforce to increase the adoption of technology across the supply chain
  • Bridge the urban-rural divide through agricultural education to ensure Australian agriculture retains its social licence to operate.

I have conducted numerous surveys with both educators and students to evaluate their current level of agricultural knowledge and perception of the industry from a range of rural and urban locations. The aim is to use the knowledge derived from this research to design programs which showcase and attract the next generation agricultural workforce to the industry from diverse backgrounds.

Our team has also developed and implemented a range curriculum aligned agri-tech learning modules for university, VET and high school students  These modules aim to showcase the scientific and digital skills required in the agricultural industry to attract and build the capacity of the next generation workforce. We hope to demonstrate that by exposing young people to agri-tech from an early age this will increase the adoption on technology across the agricultural supply chain as when these young people enter the workforce as they will be confident and skilled in the use of agri-tech.

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