Thane Pringle, Independent Precision Ag

I am an agronomist located in the MIA, based at Yenda. I have 18 years’ experience with PA.

After graduating with a BA in Systems Agriculture from the University of Western Sydney – Hawkesbury in 1991, I spent a few years working in various roles, in the cotton and grains industry.

In 1994 I took up a full-time position with Yenda Producers Co-operative as a retail agronomist. This involved providing advice to dryland & irrigated farmers covering a wide range of summer & winter crops. I specialised in rice, maize & soybeans over summer and winter cereals, oilseeds, pulses and pastures during winter. I started with PA in 2000, doing my first prescription based VRA in rice the following year using Big N (Anhydrous Ammonia).

My approach to PA is simple. It has always been about decision making and applying basic agronomy principles to the right area in a paddock, to match its economic potential.

To that extent, I see PA as a learning tool. You need to have good records and data, to analyse what has or hasn’t worked on your farm. It is not just about product application. With good management records as well it is much easier to explain to a farmer where & how they can modify their decisions & improve their business.

I started my own business in 2015 to assist farmers with their hardware setup and am currently work with Tocal College as an outside expert to their Precision Agronomy course.

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