Introducing the Precision Ag CoP

The Precision Ag Community of Practice (PA CoP) was established in 2018 to bring the latest developments in Precision Agriculture to broadacre cropping and livestock farmers. Its prime focus is to educate regarding the benefits of Precision Agriculture and to build the capacity of farmers and advisors to implement available technology to increase profitability. The PA CoP was established with the primary goal to provide an extension pathway for information and research regarding precision agriculture. Other associated benefits will be the facilitated Network of leaders in the Precision Ag space to discuss ideas and best practice. Resulting in the latest research and techniques being used in practical on farm application.

Adrian Roles, Director of JMAJ Precision based at Young in NSW was approached by NSW DPI to lead the Community of Practice. Involved with Precision Ag for over 16 years, Adrian applies this approach to his own farm as well as on a contractual basis. Discussing the benefits of the Precision Ag CoP, Adrian comments:

“There’s the tangible benefit of that the PA CoP will develop up extension resources which will be freely available to anyone in the industry. It will also have the intangible benefit of making introductions between parts of the industry such as researchers, advisors, supply companies, farmers and hardware manufactures that may not have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas otherwise. It’s all the intangible benefits that really excites me – hopefully the ag industry can get together and start working on things that will make a real difference.”

Benefits for farmers from the Precision Ag CoP is an understanding of their own existing agricultural technology, data sets and rights resulting in the primary benefit from precision agriculture lying behind the farm gates.

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Article written by Natacha Hes, reviewed by Adrian Roles and Helen McMillan.

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