Smoozing at steeDA

Precision Ag CoP member Matt Notley and Project Officer Natacha Hes visited the University of Sydney earlier this month for the steeDA Conference organised by the Institute of Agriculture.

The steeDA Conference focused on science, technology, engineering and economics for Digital Agriculture. The conference ran over three full days and featured a range of speakers from industry and research areas as well as farmers and some agtech providers.  The conference highlighted that we are moving beyond the era of precision agriculture and into a new digital agriculture space.

During the conference we caught up with a few of the presenters for a quick chat. There are some brief excerpts of these interviews below. The full interviews can be found here on our YouTube channel

Matt Webb, PhD student at the University of Sydney and employee of the Department of Primary Industries Tasmania presented on high spatiotemporal resolution real-time temperature mapping system to support digital agriculture.

George van Zijl from North-West University in South Africa presented on profit mapping as a decision support tool for precision agriculture.

Cassius Coombs, PhD student with the University of Sydney presented on the use of near-infrared spectroscopy scanning to predict meat quality.

Livia Faria Defeo from the University of Southern Queensland presented on a site-specific management system utilising an unmanned aerial vehicle

Stirling Roberton from the University of Southern Queensland presented on digital soil constraint management and how many samples should you take?

The PrecisionAgCoP certainly made itself known at steeDA and made the most of the networking opportunities presented. Already looking forward to next year!


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