2018 Australian IoT Awards

Three of the best project finalists in the IoT Hub 2018 Australian IoT Awards come from the agriculture sector.

Mystic Motion semi-autonomous vehicle control by Mystic Pants. Mystic Motion is a control system for retro-fitting to vehicle fleets that uses a combination of differential GPS and multiple wireless technologies to enable precision vehicle location and control.

NSW Department of Primary Industries monitoring station by Ardexa. Ardexa has developed an IoT agent for Linux and Windows that provides security, hard caching, communications and interfacing to enable IoT devices to talk to the cloud. It’s being adopted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Smart Paddock cattle monitor. Smart Paddock has developed a system to enable beef cattle farmers to remotely monitor the health, behaviour and location of their herds via a combination of LoRaWAN and cellular networks.

And the winner, announced at  the IoT festival in Melbourne on 4 June, is Ardexa’s monitoring station. It’s being adopted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries for use on connected weather stations.

For all the IoT Awards finalists click here and to read about the winners click here


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