64th International Meat Congress

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12-17 August, Melbourne

The 64th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology will be held in Melbourne, Australia, 12 – 17 August 2018.

The Congress theme is ‘Quality and Integrity for Global Consumers’.

The Congress will focus on:

  • Provenance and fraud detection
  • Process control in the meat industry
  • Next generation technologies to assess carcass and meat quality
  • Food safety and microbiology
  • Smart packaging for quality, safety and integrity
  • Dietary muscle proteins for stage of life
  • Revolution in biometrics and consumer sensory science
  • Value adding to meat and offal
  • Glycolytic and proteolytic metabolism across species.

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Gregory Harper

We are very happy with the way this international conference is shaping up. A great opportunity for everyone involved in the meat business in Victoria to build links across Australia and the world. Please let us know if the organisating committee can help your organisation get maximum value from ICoMST 2018.

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    Malcolm Brown


    Thanks Greg for your message. Please send through any items of interest, such as profiles on the key conference speakers and we will continue to promote the event to our network. Regards Malcolm Brown

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