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Food Source Victoria is a $20 million Victorian Government initiative to assist regional food businesses to grow.

The Food Source program helps boost exports, build industry capabilities and create jobs in regional Victoria. It encourages food producers and their supply chain to work together to add value to food grown and processed in regional Victoria.

There are three grant programs:

Planning Grants

Growth Grants

Scholarships for individuals

Planning Grants enable partners along the agri-food supply chain to engage independent, skilled advisers to test the feasibility of ideas, explore growth opportunities and develop a Growth Plan with clear actions.

Growth Grants provide seed funding to implement actions in growth plans or existing equivalent plans.

Scholarships give individuals working in agriculture, processing and manufacturing in regional Victoria the skills to expand or add value to their businesses.

You can access the pdf version of the Food Source Victoria information sheet here and the word version here

For more information call 136 186 or email


Case study: A previous successful growth grant: Gippsland Natural Meats

Awarded a FSV planning grant and growth grant

Gippsland Natural Meats is a vertically integrated meat company which markets high quality grass fed beef on behalf of a group of farmers.

It was one of the earliest groups to recognise the brand power of beef produced under free range, grass fed production systems, underpinned by environmental credentials and Meat Standards Australia grading.

Gippsland Natural Meat is sold through high-end butchers across Victoria and into better quality restaurants. It also supplies major sporting events like the Australian Open as well as Etihad Stadium and Melbourne Park.

Image: Paul Crock with his cows 

With an established domestic brand, the company recognised a place for their naturally produced meat on the export scene.

The FSV grant will be used to take the expertise the company has in the domestic market to markets in East Asia and the Middle East. “This grant will allow our beef brand to grow, which will enable producers to be paid a fair and sustainable price for their beef.” – Paul Crock, Director, Gippsland Natural Meats.

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