The Victorian Food Innovation Network supports food businesses that are innovation-ready by linking food businesses with innovation service providers.

An initiative of the Victorian Government, our goal is to co-create a vibrant food sector by fostering collaboration across the entire value chain.

The Network can:
1. Help you find new funding to support your business
2. Keep you up to date with the latest trends
3. Identify opportunities to build your teams’ skills and capability

Join the Network to be kept informed about future opportunities to grow your business.

Why Victoria?
Victoria produces over 30 per cent of Australia’s food, with our manufacturing base utilising state-of-the-art technological advancements, high quality food safety systems, and a highly skilled workforce. The food sector is dynamic, export-oriented and highly innovative, and food businesses in Victoria possess a strong reputation nationally and globally for quality and competitiveness.

To find out more about investment opportunities, visit Invest Victoria.

Industry Advisors
Our community of practice consists of industry advisors who can assist food businesses with early stage feasibility and testing, process innovation, product development, research and development, along with market positioning and labelling.