Australian AgTech shines at Future Food Asia Awards 2018

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Onecrop staff accept the winners cheque in Singapore on 23 May 2018.

Food Innovation Network’s Community of Practice member, Will Taing, from Beanstalk AgTech, contributed this article.

Australia’s AgTech start-up ‘Onecrop’ has won the US$100,000 Future Food Asia Award for 2018.

Future Food Asia Award recognises and rewards entrepreneurs from Asia Pacific who are building disruptive and sustainable innovations to tackle the inefficiencies and scarcities in our agri-food value chain. With rising population, urbanisation, land scarcity and global warming challenges continuing to loom, nurturing innovators working towards sustainable food solutions remains essential. This year, the competition received a record number of applications from 19 different countries in Asia Pacific, and a 30 per cent rise in total applications compared to last year.

Founded by Andrew Logan, OneCrop’s solution increases crop yields and tackles the issue of plastic waste in agriculture through a unique degradable mulch film. It provides a technologically advanced yet cost-effective film that stores soil moisture, increases soil temperature, and drives vigorous early germination and plant growth, allowing commercial farmers around the world to significantly boost their productivity with no impact on the environment.

OneCrop beat nine other finalists, all working in this impactful space. The nine other award finalists were:

  1. Amai Proteins (Israel) – applying computational protein design and biotech to produce sweet proteins as sugar substitutes.
  2. BioPrime (India) – creating alternative bio-organics for crop improvement and nutrition.
  3. Bioworks (Japan) – natural bioplastic additive completely derived from plant biomass to produce strengthened PLA.
  4. BLH AquaTech (S.Korea) – tech to adjust water molecules to increase crop water absorption and photosynthetic efficiency of plants.
  5. Fib-Sol Life Tech (India) – nanofiber tech to deliver stable bio fertilisers and improve yield.
  6. Green Acres (Taiwan) – using blended herbs and active ingredients to improve the immunity and health of livestock.
  7. PureSpace (S.Korea) – nano-catalyst tech to decompose ethylene gas and airborne bacteria to reduce post-harvest loss.
  8. Terragen (Australia) – using microorganisms to develop biological products to promote plant and animal health and reduce the use of chemicals and antibiotics.
  9. XRE (South Korea) – can manufacturing tech that allows beverages to be re-closed.

New Ag&Food Tech Group

An Ag&Food Tech community is starting up across the Asia-Pacific region.

The community welcomes all interested persons to the AgTech Asia Pacific Startups Group. The group’s mission is to cultivate a valuable community of startups and entrepreneurs whom are passionate about sharing, learning and helping to grow the AgTech pie. Through this community, it is hoped that everyone is inspired to connect and support each other to create scalable technologies for a future of nine billion people on a healthy planet. Constructive and insightful discussions will be the main mode of learning. The channel will be monitored to ensure that activities of a promotional nature, or counter-productive to the mission of this community, are removed. The group looks forward to many fruitful discussions and connections, and is interested to learn from others on how to grow this community.

Join the group here.

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