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Success Stories: Exploring opportunities for Australian and Asian food entrepreneurs

Asialink Business and Monash College recently ran a forum on what makes a successful international food business. The forum was chaired by Mark Crosby, Director, Bachelor of Business, Monash University with panellists Ryan Ching, Co-Founder, Banh Mi Kitchen, Hong Kong and Angeline Achariya, CEO, Monash Food Innovation Centre.
Angeline discussed the increasing consumer interest in where […]

OzScientific expands capability for new product development

OzScientific Pty Ltd has been a member of Victorian Food Innovation Network (FIN) from the start.  We provide commercial food innovation and product development services to food and beverage manufacturers.  With our growing capabilities and expertise, we can transform your great idea into a new food product.
We have recently expanded […]

Australia-Hong Kong FTA

Announced on 15 November 2018, the Australia-Hong Kong FTA agreement guarantees certainty of access for Australian suppliers of education, professional, financial, transport, construction, tourism and recreational services – representing the best commitments Hong Kong has ever offered to an FTA partner. Modern trading rules on e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications, and […]

CSIRO’s food innovation centre for industry

Victoria is home to CSIRO’s food innovation centre. The centre makes it easy for food, ingredient and equipment manufacturing companies to access CSIRO’s extensive expertise, technologies and support in innovation. Click on any of the headings below to find out more.

Advanced separation technologies: opportunities for industry
With our expertise in advanced separation […]

2019 AIFST Mentoring Program

Picture: 2018 AIFST Mentoring Program Graduates
Following on from a successful 2018 rollout, AIFST is pleased to announce its 2019 National Mentoring Program.
Why join the program?
Mentoring provides an opportunity for student and graduate members to learn from more established Institute members. It is also a way for older members to “give […]

What can Victoria learn from Emilia-Romagna?

While the Victorian Government looks to strengthen the state’s food and fibre sector, and grow Victoria’s food and fibre exports to $20 billion by 2030, much can be learnt from other food producing regions of the world.
For innovation in agri-food production, marketing and export we need look no further than […]

Woolworths organic growth fund

The Woolworths Organic Growth Fund has been established by Woolworths to support investment in Australian organic farming projects.
Through the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund, Woolworths will invest up to $30 million over a five-year period. This funding will be made available to eligible Australian farmers in the form of financial grants […]

Formal review of the Health Star Rating System

A government advisory committee has released a revamped Health Star Rating calculator that attempts to address various problems with the original, from the over-emphasis on protein to the lack of focus on sugar, as part of a five-year review.
The government has engaged Matthews Pegg Consulting to conduct the five-year review […]

Australia’s food and grocery manufacturing sector falls to $131bn, as electricity prices and drought bite

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) released a report this month which found total turnover in the food and grocery manufacturing industry (which employs about 324,000 Australians) dropped $2.7 billion in the 2016-17 financial year to $131.3 billion, a fall of 2 per cent.
The broader economic conditions affecting the […]

Mondelez open innovation portal

Mondelez International is seeking products in its Open Innovation Portal, including solutions to help them to create high-protein snacks, reduce sugar, find novel natural flavours, coolers and more.

Current Needs

New! Anti-sticking technology for fat and water based viscous liquids
Novel ingredients for creating high-protein snacks
Novel technologies and ingredients to modify texture […]